About us

This is Helios Nordic Energy

Our mission

Helios develops large-scale solar farms in the Nordics. We have brought together all the expertise required to develop profitable projects that deliver reliable power – an efficient process for everyone involved. We take care of the entire development phase, i.e. land selection, permits and licences, grid connection, project planning and procurement. We also take care of financing by collaborating with well-established, long-term owners and investors.

Investera tryggt i solenergi

A safe investment in solar energy

One source of reassurance for landowners and investors alike is our close collaboration with some of the world’s leading turnkey suppliers of large-scale solar farms. Thanks to our experience, we have great understanding of the entire chain, from the initial phase to project handover. After delivering the projects to investors, we also take care of the technical and commercial management of the farms. And of course, we make sure the whole process is administered with the highest quality and professionalism throughout.

Climate smart

Helios is part of the transition to a sustainable, climate-smart future. As well as expanding new, renewable electricity production, we work actively to promote biodiversity. In our farms, we establish meadow habitats that can support many of our severely threatened pollinators. Some of our farms also become pastureland for sheep and other livestock.


Our background

Several of our personnel and board members have many years’ experience from the energy sector and have a high level of technical and commercial expertise regarding the various elements needed for successful solar power projects.

The members of our team have been involved in realising some of the biggest, most complex renewable energy projects in the Nordic region. In total, we have helped to build and fund wind power projects equivalent to €1 billion.


Magnora ASA, a Norwegian investment company specializing in renewable energy, has been a partner in Helios Nordic Energy AB since January 2021.