For investors

Low risk and great benefit for society, the environment and the climate


Predictable and virtually maintenance free

A solar farm is a low-risk investment, and solar input varies only marginally year on year. The technology is robust, and tried and tested, having proved its excellent longevity over several decades. The earnings from electricity production are a couple of per cent above the average market price, since solar power produces well at times of day when consumption is high. Thanks to the simple technology, maintenance costs are relatively low.

Quick start-up

One of the most immediate solutions for phasing out the use of fossil energy in society is electrification. This does, however, increase electricity consumption. At Helios we are continuously refining our process, enabling more solar farms to more quickly be established and help tackle the challenges that much-needed electrification leads to in our society. Moreover, public opinion about solar power is very positive.


We would also like to highlight the environmental benefits that expanding solar power plants can bring, as they open up opportunities for promoting biodiversity. At an early stage in the permit and licensing process, we draft a plan for how best to exploit every opportunity to benefit the local environment in and around the project area.

Predictable electricity market

In Sweden, Helios’s main market, there has been a solid investment infrastructure in place for several years, attributable to the major expansion of wind power in the country. A large, well-developed electricity market in the shape of Nordpol adds to the transparency and predictability. The ambitious goals set for increased electrification and reduction of CO2 emissions in the transport and industrial sectors bodes well for a positive electricity market moving forward.

A secure partner

Helios has a strong team and a track record of delivering results. We are a refined developer of renewable energy, and our personnel and management have many years of solid experience from the energy sector, particularly wind power.

As solar power and wind power have a great many common denominators and similar processes, our approach and methods are a great advantage in everything from organising consultation and contact with government agencies, to procuring turnkey contracts. With great experience of project management, environmental permits, power grids and M&A, we know how important it is to identify risks and work continuously with risk management from an early stage.

Our objective is to develop economically attractive projects in which we ensure the highest quality at every stage, and we consider the interests of all stakeholders throughout the entire process.

We also offer our financiers technical and commercial management of their solar power assets.

Project development portfolio

Growing opportunities for sound investments

Helios has a diversified portfolio and projects of different sizes, in different phases, in bidding areas 3 and 4 in southern Sweden and Balticum.

Ongoing projects 37
Capacity 1,62 GW