Sand bed for bees at Kungsåra solar farm

In connection with the Biodiversity Day, Helios has built a sand bed for bees at Kungsåra solar farm. Almost 200 of Sweden’s 300 species of bees live in sandy environments. The sand bed was built in a south facing and sun-exposed area. It will hopefully attract solitary bees that build their nests in warm and sunny sand piles. Geotextile was used as a base and the sand will be disturbed during the farm’s operating time to prevent it from overgrow.

– During the year, white and red clover, as well as bird’s-foot trefoil and lucerne will be sown in the solar farm. The species attract sand bees but also other pollinators such as butterflies and flower flies, says Anna Hassel, project manager and ecologist at Helios.

Within the solar farm there are ditches as wells as damp areas. The idea is that the sowing of flowers and a varied environment will benefit pollinators both within Kungsåra solar farm and in its surroundings. Sowing and construction of sand beds are examples of the work the company does to enhance biological diversity.

Photo: Jeanette Tisander